Apple Records Memorabilia

Apple Records was the brain child of Paul McCartney. It was conceived as an umbrella company for recording, publishing, films and electronics. Apple was intended to give a chance to up and coming talent. The promotions department of Apple was particularly creative. To promote the company and its record releases they came up with a whole range of wacky ideas for their promotional goods – Apple dartboard, Apple Zippo lighters, Apple paperweight, Apple watch, Apple necklace etc. All of these items were well made colourful items which attracted attention back then and which still do so today. Apple promo items are the most avidly sought after of the late period Beatles collectables.

We are always looking for items of Apple memorabilia, anything considered. Please contact us with details including, if possible, an image of your item(s).

Apple Records Dartboard

We will pay around £600 for a used Apple dartboard and £1000 if unused.

Apple Records Old English Promotional Watch

We will pay around £500 for the Apple watch in the original box.

Apple Records Necklace

We will pay around £200 for the Apple necklace.

Apple Records Box Of Promotional Matches

We will pay around £500 for a full box containing the Apple match books.

Apple Records Zippo Lighter

We will pay around £300 or £350 for the Apple lighter in the original packaging.

Apple Records Glass Paperweight

We will pay around £500 for an Apple glass paperweight.

Apple Records Lucite Box / Paperweight

We will pay around £250 for an Apple Records lucite box.

Apple Studios Rate Cards

We will pay around £300 for an Apple Studios rate card.

A Is For Apple Poster Designed By The Fool

We will pay around £100 for any Apple poster.

Apple Money Clips

We will pay around £100 to £150 for an Apple money clip.

Apple Records Postcard

We will pay around £30 - £50 per Apple postcard. There are several designs available and we would be interested in all of them