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Collectable Beatles Concert Items

We pay around £5000 for Beatles concert posters measuring 20 inches x 30 inches (51cm x 76.5cm), £8000 for posters measuring 30 inches x 40 inches (76.5cm x 102cm).

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Collectable Beatles Poster from the Odeon Southport

A Beatles concert poster advertising the performance at the Southport Odeon on the  26th August 1963, we pay around £8000.

Original 1960s Beatles concert handbills.

There are many different designs for handbills. Flyers from one-off shows (not part of a tour) and handbills with images of The Beatles tend to command the highest prices. The one illustrated below is from the ABC Theatre Blackpool on the 25th August 1963, this was the sixth time that the group had performed at Blackpool within two months. We pay around £300 to £800 depending on the year.

Beatles Blackpool handbill that was sold to we buy beatles

Beatles concert tour programmes

We pay around £20 to £30, much more it the programme is specific to an individual venue.

The Beatles concert programme illustrated below was used for the UK tour in which the Beatles were supported by Mary Wells. The tour took place from the 9th October to the 10th November 1964. The programme is known as the Four Aces cover.

Collectable Beatles Four Aces Programme Cover from UK Tour 1964

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An original Beatles early large format ticket - we would pay £1500 .

Valuable Beatles Early Large Ticket from 1961

A complete unused Beatles concert ticket - we would pay £500 .

Rare Beatles Unused Concert Ticket Glasgow 21.10.64

Beatles concert ticket stubs from UK venues - we would pay around £80 to £100.

Beatles Ticket from Southend Odeon that was sold to we buy beatles

If you have an item of memorabilia from a concert that you would like valuing please contact us with full details and, if possible, a clear colour image. We are also interested in concert items relating to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Sex Pistols and many others. Please contact us for a quote.

All Beatles concert items considered.

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