Beatles Concert Handbills

There are many different designs for handbills. Flyers from one-off shows (not part of a tour) and handbills with images of The Beatles tend to command the highest prices.

beatles concert poster from the tower ballroom in Brighton

Original 1960s Beatles Concert Handbills

The one illustrated above is from the ABC Theatre Blackpool on the 25th August 1963, this was the sixth time that the group had performed at Blackpool within two months. We will pay around £300 to £400 for this type of handbill depending on the year.

Beatles Concert Tickets

Demand for Beatles concert tickets is extremely buoyant. In particular there is a high demand for complete early Beatles concert tickets from the pre-fame period, it is these examples for which we can pay premium prices.

Beatles concert ticket from Brighton

Beatles Concert Ticket New Brighton

An original Beatles early large format ticket. We will pay around £2000 for early Beatles concert tickets in clean condition.

Beatles European concert ticket

Beatles European Concert Ticket

We will pay around £250 for a French Beatles concert ticket stub, double this for complete tickets.

beatles unused concert ticket Glasgow

Unused Beatles Concert Ticket

A complete unused Beatles concert ticket. We will pay around £500 for unused complete tickets from the mid 60s.

Beatles concert tour programme

Beatles Concert Ticket Stubs

This is a used Beatles concert ticket stub from a UK gig. We will pay around £80 - £100 for stubs from the 60s.