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The Beatles Autographs From 1967

A stunning set of Beatles autographs in blue ballpoint pen on a piece of white notepad paper which were obtained in September 1967 at the Atlantic Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall, England whilst The Beatles were filming Magical Mystery Tour.

The Beatles, cast and crew descended on the Atlantic Hotel on September 12th 1967. The group had intended to stay at the hotel for just one night but after considerable discussion they decided to make it the base for filming in the area and stayed for three nights.

After filming both at the hotel and surrounding areas on the 13th and 14th The Beatles and there party departed after breakfast on the morning of Friday September 15th 1967.

The autographs come with a letter from the original recipient that reads ‘While on holiday in Newquay Cornwall, my friend and I went to the Atlantic Hotel where the Beatles were staying while filming the Magical Mystery Tour. While there we met the fan club secretaries, who took us into the hotel lounge to meet John, Paul, George + Ringo. We chatted to them for about 5 mins and Paul jokingly asked “Where you from then”, having recognised our Liverpool accents. They then gave us their autographs . This was in Sept. 1967’.

Beatles autograph memorabilia from 1967

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