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Paul McCartney Handwritten Lyrics And Guitar Chords For The Unissued Song 'Pensioners Waltz'

A page from a child’s exercise book on which Paul McCartney has handwritten the lyrics to a song entitled ‘Pensioners Waltz’ in very dark blue ballpoint pen, the paper has also has a Apple drawn green felt tipped pen on the right top side. Circa 1968/1969. The lyrics read as follows –


I Stepped, two, three

A D min

Waltz with me

Granny of mine,
A Dim

Skip to the beat

Of a lager and lime.
D min

Move with such grace.

Smile with such style.

Hughie is green,
D min E7

but I’m biding a while.

Thank you sir.

The sheet measures 16cm x 20cm (6 1/3 inches x 7 ¾ inches).


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