Rare Beatles Records

We are interested in the following types of rare Beatles records: EMIDISC acetates, Dick James music acetates, Apple acetates, Parlophone A-label demonstration 7 inch singles, Parlophone Microgroove test pressings, Abbey Road acetates, MPL acetates, the Please Please Me album on the black and gold Parlophone label, any Beatles or solo Beatles test pressings or acetates etc.

We are only interested in very rare Beatles records, examples of these are:

Beatles Microgroove Test Pressings

Please phone us for a quote.

Beatles A-label Demonstration Discs – please phone us for a quote.

Beatles Apple Acetates - please phone us for a quote.

Beatles Emidisc Acetates - please phone for a quote.

Dick James Music Acetates - please phone for a quote

Please Please Me Mono And Stereo LPs On The Black And Gold Parophone Label - please phone for a quote

Condition Guide

We use the following grading system when determining the condition of Beatles records.

  • Mint = As new.
  • Near mint = Almost like new with one or two very minor flaws.
  • Excellent = Minor wear yet looks attractive and is perfectely usable.
  • Very good = Some wear and tear but overall presentable and usable.
  • Good = Apparant wear and tear but with obvious deterioration of the condition.
  • Poor = Extremely worn.

A plus or minus after the grading indicates that the condition is marginally higher or lower then the stated grade.