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Unique Beatles Items

One-off Beatles items are the most sought after pieces on the market. If you have anything which you consider to be unique please contact us for a quote.

Unique Beatles Items Examples

A USA version of the White Album fully signed by all four Beatles. This is the only known signed copy to have been sold publicly in auction.

Beatles signed white album

John Lennon handwritten lyrics to the Beatles song All You Need Is Love.

John Lennon Handwritten Lyrics

A pair of detention sheets from Quarry Bank School in 1955. The sheets list the various detentions that a 15 year old John Lennon received.

John Lennon quarry bank detention sheets John Lennon quarry bank detention sheet class 4c 1955

A page from John Lennon’s school exercise book from 1952, sketched when he was 12 years old.

John Lennon school exercise book

A pair of 'Beetle' cufflinks owned and worn by John Lennon during 1963.

John Lennon cufflinks

Paul McCartney's handwritten lyrics to an unpublished song named Pensioners Waltz.

Paul Mccartney handwritten lyricsPaul Mccartney hand written lyrics

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