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Bob Marley Memorabilia

Born in Jamaica in February 1945 Bob Marley (born Nesta Robert Marley) was a singer songwriter and musician. He was the guitarist and lead singer of the The Wailers (1963 – 1974) and Bob Marley and The Wailers (1974-1981). Even to this day Bob is one of the most well known and respected performers of reggae music. The compilation album ‘Legend’ released three years after his death remains reggae’s bestselling album selling 20 million copies worldwide. Bob Marley died in Miami in May 1981 of a form of cancer.

Bob Marley Autographs

We pay around £600 for signed concert handbills, programmes etc. and £300 for autographs on a piece of paper.

Bob Marley Signature Bob Marley Autograph whilst in Brighton

Bob Marley Concert Ticket Stubs

We pay around £20.

Bob Marley Concert Ticket 19.07.1975 Bob Marley Concert Ticket BirminghamBob Marley Concert Ticket Hammersmith Bob Marley Festival Hall Ticket 01.05.79

Bob Marley Concert Programmes

We pay around £20.

Bob Marley Concert Tour Program June 1976

Bob Marley Concert Handbills

We would pay around £250 for the handbill illustrated below.

Bob Marley Concert Handbill

We would pay around £150 for the handbill illustrated below.

Bob Marley Open Air Festival Flyer

Bob Marley Concert Posters

We pay around £100 to £300 depending on the poster.

Bob Marley German Concert Poster Bob Marley Concert Poster Bob Marley Concert Poster From Bradford

Bob Marley Performance Contract

We pay around £100.

Bob Marley Performance Contract

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