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Sex Pistols, The Clash 1976 Anarchy In The UK Torquay Concert Poster

Just over 40 years ago the Sex Pistols were set to begin a 19-date UK tour promoting their new single Anarchy in the UK. The tour is remembered as a key moment in punk and music history, due to what didn't happen, as much as what did happen. The first show was due to be held at the University of East Anglia (UEA) in Norwich on 3 December 1976. Billed as a "A Punk-Rock Evening", tickets cost £1.25 in advance and £1.50 on the door, but collectors would pay many times that for one now. The concert never went ahead: earlier that day, vice-chancellor Dr Frank Thistlethwaite banned it "on the grounds of protecting the safety and security of persons and property". The Sex Pistols had recently completed an appearance on TV show 'Today' as stand ins for their labelmates Queen where the band where encouraged to swear - which they duly obliged, harming the career of host Bill Grundy in the process. The incident made national press and caused venues in a moral panic to cancel the gigs by the Sex Pistols in fear of violence and vandalism from the band and gig participants.

Below is an original concert poster that was used to promote the cancelled Sex Pistols And Clash performance that was due to take place at the 400 Ballroom, Torquay on 22nd December 1976.

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